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With A Twist!

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Sautéed peppers, yellow squash, Italian sausage with scramble eggs and melted mozzarella cheese. Served with home fries and toast - 13

Two poached eggs over grilled marinated skirt steak, grilled onions and portobello mushrooms topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries. -14

Thick French toast encrusted with Cocoa Puffs. Served with bananas, blueberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup -12

Fried flounder, fried egg, Asian slaw, lemon pepper aioli on toasted croissant. Served with a side salad or fries -14

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Radicchio, tabbouleh, and fig dressing -13

Banana ketchup and peanut slaw - 10

Linguini, jerk cream sauce, grilled chicken, yellow squash, green and red bell peppers & queso -19

Melted Bleu cheese, steamed broccoli and potato croquettes - 26

Hoagie roll, coleslaw, and remoulade. Served with fries 14

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Restaurant Hunter Video

Restaurant Hunter comes to JTS Cafe and does a video called - "Go Inside The Kitchen at this Blue Point Breakfast Specialist"