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Classic Comfort Food

With A Twist!

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two poached eggs over fried breaded pork tenderloin and Asian slaw. Topped with Hollandaise sauce and pickled onions . Served with Home fries -15

two eggs cooked any style over potato hash with onions , peppers , crab meat and melted American Cheese. Served with Homefries and toast -15

coconut encrusted French Toast topped with pineapple, peach, raspberries, blueberries and a scoop of Acai with roasted coconut -13

8 oz turkey burger with an over easy egg , pesto , melted mozzarella, arugula, roasted red peppers on a brioche roll. Served with fries or fruit -15

marinated grilled chicken , zucchini, squash , broccoli, spinach , roasted red pepper , feta , in a spinach wrap . Served with Fruit -15

Served with fries -19

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thick steaks fried tossed in old bay seasoning, shaved Parmesan cheese, tossed with fresh crab meat, drizzled with a cilantro lime cream hash-$10

sautéed onions, melted fresh mozzarella and cheddar-$12

corn pudding, chipotle collared greens, green tomato relish-$21

served with bamboo rice, oriental melody salad drizzled with a ponzu sauce-$23

thinly sliced, topped with melted cheddar, broccoli slaw, on a hero, with a choice of fries-$15


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